Winter Training Session 1
with Dylan Donahue
Begins October 26th
Registration is Open
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November 16th
Greater Syracuse College Showcase


Outlaw Collegiate Schedule


8th   Syracuse University vs Connecticut

         Northwestern University vs Louisville

9th    Elon University at Campbell

         Florida at  Colorado

         UNC vs James Madison

12th Syracuse vs Binghamton

13th Niagara  vs St. Bonaventure

         University of Connecticut at Fairfield

14th Florida Gators vs #2 Maryland

15th Northwestern vs Dartmouth

         UNC vs High Point

16th  ALBANY  vs. Yale 

         Syracuse vs Boston College

         New Hampshire vs Harvard 

         Elon University vs Virginia

         Princeton University vs Temple

17th UCONN vs James Madison

         Northwestern  vs Duke

         Niagara vs Binghamton University

         UNC vs Coastal Carolina

18th Syracuse  vs Coastal Carolina

20th Elon vs Winthrop

22nd New Hampshire at Sacred Heart

23rd  Harvard vs BC

          ALBANY  vs. Bucknell

          Florida Gators  at Loyola

          Niagara vs Central Connecticut 

          Indiana Univ of Penn vs Findlay

          Elon at Liberty

          Princeton at Virginia

          Marywood  at Farmingdale 

24th  Northwestern at Syracuse

          UNC at Maryland

25th  Northwestern at Canisius

         Marywood vs King's College

26th  ALBANY  vs. Bryant 

27th  Harvard at UMASS Amherst

         Syracuse  vs Loyola-Maryland      

         Princeton University  vs Penn State

         Elon at Davidson

28th   Marywood vs MisericordiaUniversity

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